Following are some impressions of my research on textile techniques and fiber production as well as dyeing processes.  

Impressed by the beautiful feeling of hand made paper-thread weaving and its process, the ongoing research is aiming to learn the techniqe of paper-thread making through the encounter with Ms. Sadako Sakurai who revived the once lost techniqe of Shiraishi City, Miyagi Prefecture. (2017-)

A research started to sow the seeds of indigo (Persicaria tinctoria) and to learn the process of fermentation of Sukumo indigo and the process from plant to dye. The color of the season of fresh leaf dyeing always shakes my heart! (2019-)

The bright pink color of safflower dye was very surprising to me. It is also interesting to extract the dye with alkaline water without applying heat. The change in color from yellow to pink was another factor that caused me to plant the seeds. Also, as an experiment of whether plants are suitable for this land and suitable for future dyeing and weaving activities.(2018)

Humans have always used fibers of various plants as threads. There are various ways to process plant fibers into a thread, and I am interested in the creativity and the ingenuity of the people who create with things locally. Hence I learned the technique and history how to take fibers from the Kudzu vine and weave it from Ōigawa Kudzu-fu weaving sutudio. (2018)

The process from cotton cultivation to making cloth. This research started in 2018 and is currently in progress. I am interested in the variety of cotton plants, and in the question of whether cotton cultivation is suitable for this land. I started the research due to my curiousity on the global environment and social issues such as the reasonable price of cotton distribution, as well as labor force.(2018-)