Watching a Planetary Dance

Nakanojo Biennale 2021, Isama Studio, Gunma, JP, Grant: Danish Arts Foundation, Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation, The Nordic Culture Fund

Work made with Johna Hansen in 2021. Being aware of each other in every way remotely, making each production in each place while feeling, and letting them meet each other in a room at Isama Studio in the Nakanojo Biennale. The wind and light that blows there reunite us, and we continue to dance in the substantive sense of distance and the sense of distance of consciousness and sensation that we are placed on this planet.
Photo: Nakanojo Biennale Executive Committee



R/LOOM 2018/19

notes, Japan - retur, A. Petersen, Copenhagen, DK, Grant: Danish Arts Foundation, Dreyers Fond, Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation

R/LOOM  built in 2017 with Johna Hansen will enter a new phase. The record of our exchange about things, ideas, air, words and how to connect this related space which appears in front of us. Time is incorporated, and it becomes space. Experimental installation-2.

Photography by Andreas Omvik

2017年にヨナ・ハンセンと企画制作したR / LOOMは、新しい段階に入る。物事、アイデア、空気、言葉、そして私たちの前に現れる、この空間との結びつきをどのように関連付け、表現するか。時を織り込む。それは次第に空間となる。私たちが素材、空間、訪れる人々と過ごした時間の中での様々な事柄の可視交換記録。


R/LOOM 2017

What Can Be Seen Between Light and Shadow, Danish art workshop in Copenhagen and vARTe in Varde, DK, Grant: Danish Arts Foundation, Dreyers Fond

This R/LOOM is the first works with artist Johna Hansen. In 2017, we built this structure at the Danish Art Workshop in Copenhagen with a grant from the Danish Arts Foundation to commemorate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan and held a performance session at vARTe in Varde.
Weaving and architecture. Build a structure together. Difference in size and materials. The crossing created by two of us who have grown up in different cultures in different areas and majored in different fields to create one thing. Relationships between people, things and spaces are constantly changing and resonating. There is no answers, and the breath, rhythm, and atmosphere that is born every day on the spot. Experimental installation-1.

Photography by Andreas Omvik

このR / LOOMは、ヨナ・ハンセンとの初の共同制作であり、 2017年、デンマークと日本の外交関係150周年を記念するデンマーク芸術財団からの助成金を受けて、コペンハーゲンのデンマークアートワークショップでこの構想を構築し、バルデのvARTeでパフォーマンスセッションを開催した。
織りと建築。共に過ごし対話を重ね、様々な接点を見つけ活かし合う構造を構築。サイズや素材の違い。異なる地域の異なる文化で育ち、異なる分野を学び出会った2人が見つけた出した様々な交差点、そしてそれを可視化する。人、モノ、空間の関係は常に変化し、共鳴する。答えはなく、その場で日々生まれる呼吸、リズム、空気感。実験的インスタレーション -1。



1 - 2: 無測量の値へ贈る器 (The things that are not measurable), Handmade Washi Paper Yarn, Stainless Steel, 300 x 200 x 200 cm,  Exhibition at Okinawa prefectural University of Art

I made a tool to make a strip of paper, and made a pattern based on the difference in appearance between where the twist was applied and where it was not. This illuminated object casts a shadow on the floor. An object floating in the space made of this paper sways gently when if a person passes by. The shadow also sways like wandering in space.  A vessel that tries to accept invisible things, such as indefinite joy and sorrow.

3 - 4: 縁 (=EN, connection),  Handmade Washi Paper Yarn, Acrylic Board, 210 x 90 x 90 cm, 2009, Exhibition at Okinawa prefectural University of Art

The edges of the washi paper are soft and non-straight lines are beautiful to me. One of the purposes is to make a yarn that makes use of the lines through which the fibers can be seen. I made tools of this structure to make paper into the shape of threads for use the fiber of Kozo. I made a three-dimensional object using the thread. There are two kinds of thickness of the thread, and the bundle of the thread with a different thickness each makes a visual work that changes the appearance.

2 - 4: Photography by Daniel Lopez

1 - 2:無測量の値へ贈る器、手作り和紙糸、ステンレス、300 x 200 x 200 cm、沖縄県立芸術大学、沖縄

3 - 4:縁、手作り和紙糸、アクリル板、210 x 90 x 90 cm、沖縄県立芸術大学、沖縄

和紙の端は柔らかく、直線ではないその耳の線が綺麗でその和紙の魅力を残した和紙の糸を作り、和紙を撚らずその耳を活かすことを目的とした。この糸を作る為の道具を作成し、何度か実験を重ねた。これは溜め漉きの方法をとっており、ふっくらとした厚みのある糸が出来た。繊維長の長い楮の繊維を使った糸状の和紙。その糸と比較の為、流し漉きの和紙を撚ったものを合わせ、立体物を作った。2種類の異なる太さの糸の束がそれぞれ違った視覚効果を生み出す。 また、鏡状になっているアクリル板を上下に配置し、どこか見えなくなるまで線が連続する視覚的効果の実験。

2 - 4:写真:ダニエル・ロペス






At first glance, cloth looks like a plane, but woven fabrics made on the three-dimensional structure of threads have many possibilities. Depending on what kind of material, what kind of color, and how the threads gather, various uses and visual effects will appear.

I design fabrics for both private and public customers. Orders and requests can be made by contacting me via E-Mail.

photo credit images 2 and 4 : Kate Hill 



写真 2、4 :ケイト ヒル